The new generation of a Top Seller

The new generation of a Top Seller

The excellence of the exterior design by Stefano Righini meets the elegance and sophisticated styling of interiors by Achille Salvagni.

Sleek, aggressively attractive lines.

Sleek, aggressively attractive lines.

A vertical bow and floor-to-ceiling windows for unprecedented views and light.

The new Italian Renaissance

The new Italian Renaissance

The sophisticated style of a megayacht and the warm atmosphere created by Salvagni, who introduces a new style language borrowed from residential architecture, represent an absolutely unique feature for a boat of these dimensions.

Maxi volumes in sporty, streamlined contours.

Maxi volumes in sporty, streamlined contours.

Sporty lines and larger volumes characterise the style of the new generation of yachts designed by Stefano Righini.





  • FlybridgeFlybridge
  • MaindeckMaindeck
  • LowerdeckLowerdeck


Carbon-tech generation

The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability.
Carbon fiber lamination is applied to:

  • flybridge
  • hard top (opt)

EPS Electronic Power Steering

At the helm, the innovative Optimus Electronic Power Steering system by Seastar Solutions gives you a similar sensation to driving a top of the range car. The owner can configure the responsiveness of the helm by regulating wheel turns and steering effort according to speed. The system also has the additional benefi t of eliminating the hydraulic piping between the helm station and the rudder compartment.

Active Trim Control

Automatic interceptors gives the vessel the lift it needs to get up on plane faster or to reach that optimum running trim. In this way the resistance of the hull is automatically optimised for every speed and load condition, this resulting in increased speed and lower fuel consumption. 


总长(包括船首护栏)18,25 米 (59’ 10”)
主截面型宽5,05 米 (16’ 7”)
吃水(满载,包括螺旋桨)1,46 米 (4’ 9”)
排水量(满载)36 吨 (79.366 lb)
建造材料Carbon Fiber + GRP
外形设计Stefano Righini
内部设计Achille Salvagni Architetti
船体设计P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dept.
制造商Azimut Yachts
房间数3 + 1 crew
床位数6 + 2 crew
卫生间数3 + 1 crew
发动机2台VOLVO D13 900 马力
最高航速 (测试时最大载荷)up to 31 节
巡航速度 (测试时最大载荷)up to 26 节
燃油容量2.800 升 (739 美加仑)
淡水容量750升(198 US Gal)

数据参考UNI ISO 8666标准


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