Timeless modernity

Timeless modernity

Stefano Righini has crafted powerful exterior lines, with style elements that sweep towards the stern and trick the eye by giving no hint of the large volumes inside. Achille Salvagni designed the yacht’s refined interiors, characterised by a delicate harmony that reprises the line’s family feeling.

Pure avant-garde

Pure avant-garde

Avant-garde is the keyword that unlocks the meaning of this yacht, which offers yet another demonstration of Azimut Yachts’ design creativity.

Technology and design

Technology and design

The advanced naval platform that is packed with technology and combines Carbon Tech with a D2P hull or, finally, the pure design excellence that characterises Salvagni’s outstandingly distinctive work.

Simple and sophisticated

Simple and sophisticated

Fluid surfaces detach from the walls to form an independent system, using spatial elements that flow seamlessly while nevertheless establishing distinct volumes. The settings are at one and the same time welcoming, simple and sophisticated, playing on the harmonious balance of detail and function.






Carbon-tech generation

The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability.
Carbon fiber lamination is applied to:

  • superstructure
  • flybridge
  • radar arch
  • hard top (opt)
  • platform and transom

displacement to planing hull

The D2P Displacement to Planing Hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio in conjunction with the Azimut Benetti R&D Centre combines the comfort typical of a displacement hull with the performance of a planing hull and it significantly improved fuel efficiency.
This new solution is based on a double chine hull design with an innovative wave piercer and allows the yacht reaching high top speeds without needing particular powerful engines, or navigate in displacement mode with a remarkable range at a cost effective speed.
The hull has been optimised for the full range of most frequently used speeds of 10-12 knots and cruising speeds in semi-displacement mode.

Side garage
for a 5 meter tender plus jet-ski

Side garage for a 5 meter tender plus a 3 meter jet-ski.
This leaves the stern completely free for a magnificent 18 m2 beach area provided by the big pivoting swim platform.

At one with the sea

The extraordinary views through the full-length windows on both sides of the owner’s suite create the incomparable sensation of being completely at one with the sea.


总长(包括船首护栏) 32 米 (105’)
主截面型宽 7,30 米 (23’ 11’’)
吃水(满载,包括螺旋桨) 1,9 米 (6’ 4’’)
排水量(满载)142 吨 (313.056 lb)
建造材料Carbon Fiber + GRP
外形设计 Stefano Righini
内部设计 Achille Salvagni Architetti
船体设计P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dept.
制造商 Azimut Yachts 
房间数5 + 3 crew
床位数10 + 5 crew
卫生间数6 + 3 crew
发动机2台MTU 2.200 mHp
最高航速 (测试时最大载荷)up to 27 节
巡航速度 (测试时最大载荷)up to 21 节
燃油容量 16000 升 (4227 美加仑)
淡水容量 2500升(660 US Gal) 

数据参考UNI ISO 8666标准


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