S6 - sportfly layout version

S6 - sportfly layout version

When technology meets charm it’s an immediate success!

When technology meets charm it’s an immediate success!

Azimut S6 is the second model in the new S generation sports range from Azimut Yachts. Carbon plays the lead role, representing another milestone in the shipyard’s pioneering research and development work.

Strong and determined personality: a pure coupé with sporty DNA.

Strong and determined personality: a pure coupé with sporty DNA.

The combination of Carbon Tech and a propulsion system with three Volvo Penta IPS units puts the yacht at the forefront of technology in its category, with the ability to achieve high levels of fuel consumption efficiency combined with peerless handling and silent running.

Sportiness and elegance.

Sportiness and elegance.

The sporty exterior design is by Stefano Righini, with the brand’s iconic diamond-shaped deckhouse windows giving the boat an unmistakably appealing profile. The interiors are the work of Francesco Guida.





  • Above viewAbove view
  • LowerdeckLowerdeck
  • MaindeckMaindeck
  • Above view - sportfly versionAbove view - sportfly version
  • Maindeck - sportfly versionMaindeck - sportfly version
  • Lowerdeck - sportfly versionLowerdeck - sportfly version




  • deck (hybrid)
  • superstructure
  • transom/platform

Triple IPS推进系统

船体外形经流体力学优化,并在船身上安装了三台沃尔沃舷内推进(Triple IPS)系统,因此:

  • 非凡的操控性
  • 噪音和振动水平降至最低
  • 优异的燃油效率(较普通发动机提升高达25%)

Joystick driving

Joystick Driving offers an easy way to maneuver with precision and at the same time it allows the driver to steer comfortably at all speeds with only one hand. When Joystick Driving is activated, the Autopilot turns on simultaneously. The driver steers the boat by moving the Joystick. When the Joystick is released, the Autopilot is engaged and keeps a forward course.

Sportfly version

While retaining the collection’s sporty DNA, the Azimut S6 Sportfly version is enhanced by a spacious and comfortable extra lounge area on upperdeck with a second helm station. Access is provided by a retractable stairway.


总长(包括船首护栏)18 米 (59’ 1”)
主截面型宽4,75 米 (15’ 7’’)
吃水(满载,包括螺旋桨)1,61 米 (5’ 3”)
排水量(满载)29,5 吨 (65.036 lb)
建造材料Carbon Fiber + GRP
外形设计Stefano Righini
内部设计Francesco Guida
制造商Azimut Yachts
房间数3 + 1 crew
床位数6 + 1 crew
卫生间数2 + 1 crew
发动机3台VOLVO IPS 700 D8 550 mHp
最高航速 (测试时最大载荷)up to 35 节
巡航速度 (测试时最大载荷)up to 30 节
燃油容量2600 升 (686 美加仑)
淡水容量590升(155 US Gal)

数据参考UNI ISO 8666标准


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